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For Sale One Country


This reflects what I have observed about money, anonymity and cowardice.


Surely the millions of ads and billions of dollars spent during this year's elections must be considered extravagant. After all, who didn't see the same muck-raking TV spot at least a dozen times? The signs. The mailers. The doorhangers. "Unbiased" news casts polluted with political messages. And, more. Our lives have been littered with the stench of political detritus for months. In fact, I wonder how much of our national debt could have been relieved by these truckloads of cash.


So, who paid for this extravagance? This could not have been funded by real people - the alleged one, five and ten dollar donors. Americans just don't have that kind of discretionary income. Nor, do they have the inclination to support the onslaught of the indignity that we have just endured. In fact, I believe that history will confirm that virtually all of the record funds spent came from disparate "special interests." These, of course, are politically inspired groups and corporations with a bone to pick, an inordinate profit to increase or protect or a politician that they need to own. Oh, and don't forget the left and right wing faithful who want to force us all to adjust our lives and thoughts to suit their beliefs. They are groups with money, too.


Think about that America. Politicians who absolutely crave power beyond all else, puppeteered by what are arguably groups of the most single-mindedly selfish people in the history of our country.


That brings me to the scourge of anonymity. Who are these selfish people? You can't identify them by the extra-compressed line of type at the end of the ad - the part that's supposed to let us know who's responsible. And, believe me, after the tenth or fifteenth time that you've been subjected to one of those outrageous "context-free" hate messages, you want to be able to point a finger at the perpetrators. You want to be able to not buy their computers or gasoline or hamburgers ever again. Even the beneficiary politicians disavow knowledge of these people. The political identity of this year's campaigners seems to have been "I may or may not approve this message, but, I don't think I know the people who are paying for it."


This all adds up to cowardice. We have been plagued with a raft of weak-chinned political wannabes happily allowing anonymous interests sling their mud for them. "It's not my fault." Sounds like a leader to me.


I don't believe we want cowards as leaders. I don't believe we want special interests to choose our officials for us and change our laws. And, I don't believe we want a key component of our gross national product to be political contributions and campaigns.


As a people, we are not driven by our Republicanness or Democratness. We pretty much all have the same needs, goals and desires. We want to earn a living as best we can and be remembered for what we have accomplished, who we were and how we lived.


We are not as politically polarized as they want us to believe. We are under siege. And, the ones who want to buy our country are winning. | The Thinker



I Have A Need To Be Clever


I was called a smart ass in school. Hell, I was called a smart ass just last week, too. I am not a smart ass. I am driven by my need to be clever.


(The proverbial) "They" say I am funny. I have a humid sense of humor. But I have a better sense of irony. I am not funny. I have a flat out need to be clever.


I have been described as quick. I am blessed with an agile, productive mind. My speed tends to be pure luck. Sometimes the spin surprises even me. I am not quick. My need to be clever wins outright.


I create cool things. It is how I garnish my career. I find cool things to collect or wear. It is my taste and my predilection. I am by no means cool. I just have a need to be cooly clever.


Life is a riddle. My need to be clever is a riddle. This story is four riddles. The clues are small car, pressing device, gambling equipment and dessert herb.


Go for it.



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