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On Thinking About What “Thoughts” Is Going To Be About


Note that this title doesn’t say, “What Thoughts is going to be about.” That would be like pandering to the thread of the future and we’ll stand for none of that here. This first Thoughts story isn’t going to be about that. It’s titled, “On thinking about what “Thoughts” is going to be about.” And, that’s what it’s going to be about. The process of thinking about where we will be going with this Thoughts area of our website. Not data, but vectors. So, it’s about thinking about Thoughts. Thoughts on Thoughts, so to speak. (Enough of that.)


When one sits down to set down one’s thoughts, there is often this dull gray barrier that must be met and penetrated. At least, it’s that way for us. We believe that most have felt and experienced this wall. Some are capable of busting through it. Some never make it past – they simply sit and simper. In any case, there is this ‘challenge met’ thing that happens when the object itself has been conquered, and, that allows the writing to go on. (And on and on, apparently.)


The first paragraph of this story was about penetrating that barrier. Meeting that challenge. Setting the hook. The second was something else altogether.


Interesting thing, this creative process, eh?


So, what are our thoughts on Thoughts?


Immediately, we look at the obvious when we start to think about Thoughts. What about content and style? For whom are we writing? Tres obvious. Tres tres obvious. Then, we simply must push on and explore entirely more tenuous thoughts on Thoughts.


We must have a more deep and meaningful synthesis. What about tenor? Do we take it acid as Al’s Alley or sweetly additive as Dear Abby? What about value? Should we serve up a nickel’s worth of wit, charm and folksy wisdom every week or a bucketful of concrete insight and pith as often as it occurs to us?


What about timeliness? Do we stick with the tried-and-true daily inspirational poke at the news? How about the white bread triteness found on ‘what happened years ago on this day?’ Or, should we also traffic in the news of the passed and future history? Philosophy? Should we dive our thoughts deep into a sticky cauldron of day-old oatmeal or shall we float our thoughts higher, light and tricky, as on the film on a bar of soap.


Substance? Sure, why not? We can do substance.


Then, we check our notes to see that these thoughts on Thoughts are getting us nowhere. They are still too tentative, pasty and usual.


So we must go deeper and stretch the fabric of the eclectic. What’s the meaning of life? Is it better in the summer or in the country? Which came first? Who came first? How did that happen? What the hell is that? Why is up? Who get’s fed? Who gets left behind?


Still, these thoughts threaten to be too limiting. Damn.


Our ears burn and our lips are tired from the mumbling. What more can we contemplate? What are we missing? What have we learned from this exercise?


Then, in a swirling flashback of epiphany, everything dials deeply into focus:


Don’t plan to think about thoughts. It’s okay to just think them.


Eureka, we must be done with this phase of the process. Or, are we? Well, eureka anyway.


So now that all of this thinking about Thoughts has been accomplished, where do we go from here? Hmmm. Surely that must require some thought. Yikes.


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Naming Of Stuff


This weekend, I chanced to read Henry Reed’s great poem, The Naming of Parts. It got me to thinking about how we name stuff.


You see, from time to time, we are called upon professionally to name stuff. Companies, products, services, web sites, you name it (actually, naming it is what we do).


The naming of stuff is an interesting, nearly invisible process. If you were to watch us as we name stuff, you wouldn’t see much happening. There might be some fevered evidence of chicken-scratch note taking or a wayward intermittent glance at the Internet. But, this would all be window dressing. Naming stuff is not about research or lists. It is way more basic and visceral.


It turns out that the real naming of stuff happens deep down inside the twisted alleys and randomly strewn anterooms of ones mind. The process is a stumbling walkabout through past experiences, present sensations, un-fettered and un-nurtured thoughts and un-definable dimensional shifts. The discovery of the stuff’s name is as accidental and as inevitable as smashing ones toe into the leg of a table while roaming the house half asleep late at night in the dark.


It is a poof. | The Thinker





Politics bites. Politician’s suck. These things are simply true. What is our role in politics? We put up with all of the nonsense and do what we feel we have to do. When it comes down to it, inescapably, we get what we deserve.


We have so many thoughts that we need a place to archive them. This is that place. So, those thoughts that you find here will be our older thoughts, while those thoughts that you see on our Thoughts Page will be our more current thoughts. Of course, whether older or more current, our thoughts may have relevance or little or no pertinence to the world as we know it today. In either place they may be pithy thoughts or they may have absolutely no pith whatsoever. It is what it is. And, they are what they are.








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We are prolific. We are experienced. We often amaze our clients with how little input it takes for us to get a project rolling. We are motivated. We give the title of self-starter a whole new meaning. We think, therefore we are.

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