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Armageddon It


Having survived something like 57 major armageddon predictions since my birth, including the recent Mayan calendar fiasco forever immortalized by the movie, 2012, I think its time to focus on something else.


My choice is a term so loosely bandied about by politicians and pundits as to almost make it equally nonsensical.


It is "ethics."


Defined as, "a moral philosophy involving systematizing, defending, and recommending concepts of right and wrong behavior," ethics should come into play for everyone who has been paying attention  since Aristotle wrote the book. According to Wiki, abortion, infanticide, animal rights, the environment, sexuality, capital punishment and nuclear war are examples of controversial issues that are supposed to be resolved by applying ethics. More immediately, ethics should decide if it's right to whistle blow on our government spying on citizen's phone calls and if it's wrong to insinuate ourselves into another country's politics.


These are some of the big ethical issues.


But, modern day ethics is more likely to be concerned with who blew who, who insinuated that a local church official was a pederast (look it up) and who should the Bachelorette choose.




Here's the point: do not leave your ethics in the hands of your government's representatives, clerics and celebrities. They have proven that they cannot be trusted with the responsibility. Rather, make living your life ethically your personal obligation. Consider your decisions at a micro-level as they reflect upon you and others. Do not rationalize. Definitely, do not repeat what has been forced upon you by rote. Think.


Your ethics are, by default, yours. You may have no incremental impact on the world, but you will ethically effect the world around you.


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